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Trailer of the 2012 documentary film about Maximilian Semsch´s journey around australia.


The fifth continent at the other end of the world is with 7.7 million square kilometres the sixth-largest state on our earth and at the same time the largest island.

The continent is not only large, hot and mainly uninhabited but has also the longest national road in the world. For most travellers it is already strain enough to drive this highway in a car. But on a bicycle? Why not? Not on a “normal bicycle”, but on a Pedelec!

Why with an E-Bike? In my adventures it is important for me to break new ground. I find the E-Bike technology very interesting and want to find out whether or not it is possible to cover a distance of 18.000 km with this new kind of bicycle. This journey will be the longest ever made with an E-Bike.

We will report on the journey with a blog, photos and a weekly video diary, which will give you the possibility to participate in the journey.

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My Role - Cutting and Compositing
Music by Tony Anderson (Songs - Rise and Zero Gravity)